Abstracts for Arctic Congress 2024 (29 May-3 June 2024 in Bodø, Norway) are due 5 January 2024 at 5:00 p.m. Central European Time.
There is a very relevant session that we are convening:
4.0.6 People of the North; Building Active and Inclusive Participation of Arctic Youth and Communities through Community and Citizen Science
Session Convenors: Janet Warburton, Roben Itchoak, Katie Spellman
Session Type: Traditional Oral/Poster
Session Time: 90 Minutes
Session Description: This session will explore the role of youth and communities in Arctic-focused research with a particular focus on how to equitably include and support them through community and citizen science research projects in the Arctic. With the Arctic facing unprecedented changes due to climate change and other human activities, community, and citizen science offer an opportunity for Arctic communities to actively participate in and lead research, to better understand the scope of changes happening in their environment, and to develop solutions based on Indigenous Knowledge and local expertise. Youth involvement is a crucial aspect of community and citizen science as a means to care for and protect their community, protect their environment, and nurture their leadership skills.
The session will feature presenters from a variety of perspectives who have implemented community and citizen science projects throughout the Arctic with a specific focus on including youth and communities. Presentations will cover the benefits of community and citizen science, challenges and opportunities, and best practices for equitable inclusion of youth and communities. Throughout the session, participants will learn about the power of community and citizen science in sharing knowledge, addressing locally relevant issues, fostering community leadership in research and data sovereignty, and contributing to scientific knowledge and policy.
For more information about the conference and to submit an abstract, go to the website at https://www.arcticcongress.com/call-for-abstracts 

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